Coffee table «Magma». Black stained oak, amber epoxy resin, steel legs

Fill: Epoxy resin
List of woods: Black stained oak
Table legs: Metal
Size: L: 55 cm x H: 50 cm
Price for sale : £1990

It is called the blood of the earth and the pulse of the planet. It contains all the chemical elements of the periodic table. It forms in the upper mantle of the earth’s crust at great depths, and comes out once every few centuries.

It is the nature of nature, the fire of Prometheus, the fluid fusion of a piece of the universe.

What is it? It is called «Magma», and she is a gray cardinal of the earth’s interior. When she sees the light of the sun, it turns into lava. But in essence, magma is lava.

Through hot spots in the earth’s crust, the burning magma comes out, paving its way to the physical appearance of the planet. It can not be held back, it is the element itself, uncontrollable fire, genuine passion.

The existence of such a powerful energy once again reminds us that nature is not a system. Nature is a supersystem, it is beyond the laws and time. It is the only law and supreme power.

Inspired by this miracle of nature, we created the atmospheric coffee table «Magma». In it, the sun and the earth merge into a single dance of elements. Black stained oak and amber epoxy resin. Light and shadow. Orange sunset and black twilight.

It would seem that there are two opposites. But the color palette looks so beautiful together that it’s impossible to tear off the look. Perfection of form and color.

The coffee table «Magma» perfectly complements the modern interior in different styles, including loft. And it will also become a bright highlight of classical design. An interesting form of steel legs plays a very important role in creating a common coziness and atmosphere.

The height of the table is 500 mm, the diameter is 550 mm, the approximate thickness of the tabletop is 40 mm.