Panel «Cloud Waterfall». Berest, turquoise and white epoxy resin

Fill: Turquoise and white and epoxy
Surface finish: Glossy
List of woods: Berest
Size: L: 650 mm x W: 950 mm
Price for sale £3170

Joiner’s art is multifaceted. It involves not only the manufacture of wooden tables, chairs and other wood products. It all depends on the creative ideas and inspiration of the author, which often arise spontaneously. In this way, once we got the idea to make decorative panels of wood slabs and epoxy potting.

Panel “Cloud Waterfall” — a magical picture, which you always want to admire. One glance per second is enough to attract attention and absorb deep thoughts.

To create a wooden panel, we used birch bark slabs and combined them with turquoise and white epoxy potting. Understanding that the product should not only look beautiful, but also maintain its presentation for decades, the surface of the panel was covered with a layer of transparent epoxy.

Panel “Cloud Waterfall” — an incredible piece of interior decor, forming a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the house.