Coffee table «Coral Atoll». California maple, epoxy resin, metal

Fill: Blue Epoxy Resin
Plating: Oil-wax
Surface finish: Matte
List of woods: California maple
Table legs: Metal
Size: L: 800 mm x W: 500 mm x H: 500 mm

Price for sale 1380£

Corals are the most beautiful inhabitants of the sea. Anyone who has been underwater knows how exciting is the observation of the fabulous gardens of the sea.

But, course there are of exceptions. After all, some people look at them as on ordinary skeletons of polyps. However, for us, corals are fragments of the underwater castle of the sea goddess.

“The depths of the sea are familiar to me. Moreover, they are always in my memory. But I can appreciate their greatness, their wealth, only when from the bridge of the Calypso I see reefs that look like the spire of the cathedral rush up from the depths. Everywhere, everywhere you look, arrays of sea flowers that change with corals, look like bushes, giant tusks framed with blue or green and separated from each other by deep depressions or bowls, shining like pure enamel … A picture that changes all the time and is not like anything else. You can look at it steadily”.

Jacques Cousteau

The opinion of the French explorer of the deep sea inspired us to create a table that will resemble a coral atoll. Looking at him, it is impossible not to pay attention to how Californian maple grew. Its wood amazes and delights. However, even more fabulous it becomes with a blue lagoon, located in the middle.

Your tea with friends or alone will be held in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. After all, the table perfectly conveys the spirit of heavenly comfort.

However, the wonderful atmosphere is not everything. The design of the metal legs was designed not only to emphasize aesthetic beauty and convenience, but also so that it does not touch epoxy resin. Therefore, you can be sure of the reliability and durability of our table.

The table “Coral Atoll” — is not only an illustration of the fascinating beauty of the deep sea, but also an attempt to perpetuate coral wood.