Coffee table «Coffee grain». Walnut wood, epoxy, X-shaped legs

Fill: Epoxy resin
List of woods: Walnut
Table legs: X-shaped metal
Size: L: 1000 mm x W: 600 mm x H: 500 mm
Prise for sale 30% £990

One of the facts that you might not know about our table «Coffee Bean» is the largest coffee bean in the world 🙂 And like everyone’s favorite drink, the table ideally complements the interior of the house, creating an atmosphere of homely warmth and comfort.

And the smell, color, touch … The first sip of delicious hot coffee with a tart hint of cinnamon and vanilla. Little can compare with this moment. Morning ritual, for which you want to quickly wake up in the morning. Charge of energy and desire to conquer the world after. And how many warm words yuylo said and evenings at the fireplace was spent over a cup of coffee!

This can not but inspire us. Moreover, we ourselves love this drink very much.

We made the table «Coffee Bean» from oak tree in the most natural form — the oval. For some reason, nature has not created rectangular coffee beans! And in general, she is not a fan of monotonous shapes and sharp corners; she loves only proportions and harmony. This can be seen in everything that surrounds us — fruits, leaves, flowers …

A smooth line in the middle of the table runs through the epoxy paint of a delicate golden-green, cool color. Did you know that in Uganda, green coffee beans are mixed with sweet grass and spices, dried and hung in special talismans?

The coffee seed is initially green, and after roasting it acquires a dark brown velvet color. And the smell also becomes so thick, rich, like a haze of euphoria, like the first Christmas morning.

If your home is decorated with our table «Coffee Bean», then there will always be a muscat-vanilla aroma of coffee. Yes, you yourself will feel it only by touching the smooth, polished surface of the table.

For him, we made a special X-shaped legs under the shape of the tabletop. They do not bother you when you sit near the table and imperceptible from above. And due to the small size of the table, it is perfect for any room, even if there is not very much space.

Table dimensions: 1000 × 600 × 500mm.