Magazine table «Moon River». Poplar, blue epoxy resin, wax oil, wooden legs

Fill: Blue Epoxy Resin
Plating: Oil Wax
List of woods: Poplar
Table legs: Wooden
Size: L: 1310 mm x W: 610 mm x H: 500 mm
Price for sale £3370

We draw inspiration from everything that surrounds us: nature, history, architecture and even space. For us, the moon isn’t just a small satellite of the Earth. It is an incredible source of inspiration, which prompts the creation of not only jewelry, but also wood. After all, we are inspired by its evening charm and mystery.

But recently, space explorers discovered that there are glacier cells on the moon that we can melt to get water. The conquest of space from year to year is progressing more and more. And we began to realize that the colonization of the planets is a matter of time.

The мagazine table “Moon River” is a symbol of human achievements and victories. Drinking a cup of coffee behind it, you will always be inspired by great ideas.