Side table «Fire and Iron». Walnut, oil, metal legs

List of woods: Walnut
Table legs: Metal
Size: L: 1000 mm x W: 800 mm x H: 550 mm
Price for sale £2390
We are often inspired by Celtic themes and stories about powerful Vikings. About the warriors that conquered the sea and reigned in Scandinavia. But most of all, we admire their indestructible spirit, steel character and fearlessness of a lion.

For this reason, we created a side table, “Fire and Iron”, which embodies a strong male nature. Looking at this nut table, you can see notes of rudeness, power and freedom. It is ideal for the owner who appreciates conciseness and loves the loft.

This wooden product gives the house not only great taste and style, but also beautifully tells about its owner and reveals his invincible personality.