Crystals of elemental «Fire». Maple, red epoxy resin

Fill: Red epoxy resin
List of woods: Maple
Price for sale £ 290

On the photos, you see not an ordinary wooden product made of maple. This is a magic epoxy crystal, symbolizing a powerful fire — the element of change, desire, and passion. In a sense, this element contains all magic, because the meaning of magic is in changes. The magic of fire can be frightening, but its results fascinate and appear quickly.

Creating a crystal of epoxy resin, we sought to get a magical decoration for the interior, which will always inspire and symbolize the inner strength of a person. After all, in everyone inside, there is a powerful fire that burns.

This crystal is perfect, as well as for a cozy apartment, and for the office, in which the life and energy of people always boil.

P.S. The price of crystals depends on the size.