Dining table «Jupiter». Poplar, two-level epoxy, oil, metal legs

Fill: Two-level epoxy resin
Surface finish: Oil
List of woods: Poplar
Table legs: Matte metal
Size: L: 1100 mm x W: 1100 mm x H: 750 mm
Price for sale £6990

Nature isn’t the only source of inspiration in carpentry art. Space also causes great influence on creativity, because it charms with its measures and mysteries. If you are familiar with our work, then the following tables with epoxy resin were most likely seen: the moon river, the Martian Chronicles.

But now, the source of inspiration was the majestic Jupiter. Since this is the largest planet of the solar system, we have made not a small wooden decoration for the house, but a large dining table. The diameter of the giant is 1100 millimeters, which will allow you to accommodate 4 persons. If you have a spacious kitchen and you want something unique and exclusive, then this table will be an excellent choice.

Choosing a tree for this impressive table, we stopped at the classic poplar. If you look closely, you will see the author’s two-level epoxy resin casting. The bottom layer is composed of copper-colored mother-of-pearl epoxy, and the top layer is transparent. Epoxy potting paired with poplar creates the impression that the eyes are looking at the surface of an incredible cosmic giant.

We also want to pay your attention to the original legs of the circuit table. They were specially designed for you to feel comfortable.

Dining table “Jupiter” — a fabulous wooden decoration, perfect for a stylish and large kitchen.