Dining table «Hearth of life.» Walnut, pearlescent epoxy, oil, metal legs

Fill: Pearl epoxy resin
List of woods: Walnut
Table legs: Metal
Size: L: 1500 mm x W: 800 mm x H: 750 mm
Price for sale £3990

For us, carpentry art is something more than the usual creation of wooden products. We create each decoration with 100% effort because we love our job and enjoy the happy emotions of our customers. We believe that woodworking is a specific and very creative activity. After all, we do not know where the inspiration will lead us.

Each slab or solid wood is unique in its own way. We never have replicas, because we work with live material. Making tables of epoxy resin, you must learn to trust your intuition because only in this way the best products are created.

The “Hearth of life” is a table that challenges everyday life and its gray tones. If we didn’t use epoxy potting, it would be an ordinary walnut dining table… Yes, the master’s spirit and inspiration that was put into it would not disappear, but without epoxy, it would not be so special.

Looking at this wooden table, you begin to understand that life drives in this elegant decoration. This table is not only perfect for a stylish kitchen, but it also creates an incredible atmosphere in it.