Coffee table «Oasis». Poplar, two-level epoxy, varnish, metal

Fill: Two level epoxy fill
Plating: varnish
List of woods: Poplar
Table legs: Metal
Size: L: 600 mm x W: 600 mm x H: 600 mm
Price for sale £1990

Nature is striking in its versatility and beauty. Sometimes it is fabulous and fantastic. Need proofs? Then look at the magical oases in the deserts. Isn’t it a miracle when a magical rain forest with a lake appears among the soulless land?

Coffee table “Oasis” — not only the embodiment of the idea of ​​amazing nature. With this table, we also want to say that even in desperate situations there is a way out. After all, moving along the thorny road to the goal, one day you will achieve it.

Our wooden table received this name for a reason. If you look closely at the table, you can see that the slabs of burl poplar resemble the desert and canyons, and the two-level epoxy resin is a magical oasis.

The table “Oasis” is created for people who are in love with wonderful natural phenomena, as well as those who never give up on their way to a dream. After all, they know that in the end, they will come to a paradise lake.