Dining Table «Heart of the Ocean». Burls acacia, epoxy resin, oil-wax

Fill: Transparent epoxy resin
List of woods: Burls acacia
Table legs: Metallic
Size: L: 1050 mm x W: 1050 mm x H: 760 mm

Price for sale £2990

“Coral Atoll”, “Paradise Island”, “Depth Look” — tables-islands that formed the “Atoll” collection. We tend to progress all the time. Nature continues to inspire us. Thanks to that, our collection replenished with another epoxy table. But its size is significantly different.

We present to your attention a dining table from the Atoll series — “The Heart of the Ocean”. Its diameter is 1050 millimeters, which will easily accommodate 4 persons. However, keep in mind that for a small kitchen such dining table will not be the best choice. After all, the round shape requires considerable space.

To create the “Heart of the Ocean”, we decided to use not the California maple, which you usually can see in the Atoll series, but the slabs of acacia. Slabs of this tree look no less charming. They perfectly convey the effect of coral. However, we did not give up the transparent epoxy.

Pay attention to how the legs are designed. This form was made so that all of the guests could be comfortably accommodated.

The “Heart of the Ocean” dining table is an exclusive piece of décor that will become the highlight of your kitchen because it is difficult to look at it indifferently.